Most Common Home Inspection Findings In Minneapolis

Wondering what problems you might come across when getting a home inspected in Minneapolis? 

At Sky Blue Inspections, we have seen many different defects, but some we notice popping up more often than others. 

Find out everything you need to know about homes in Minneapolis! 

Roof damage

The heavy snow and ice in Minnesota can take a toll on roofs. Ice damming is a common cause of roof damage. This happens when improper gutter placement and poor insulation cause ice to form on the gutters and the roof. 

This stops melting snow from draining away properly, causing more ice to form. In turn, this causes leaks, shingle damage and more

Roofs are expensive to fix and require a professional, so make sure your inspector checks for these issues.

Damaged or poorly-placed gutters & downspouts

Gutters and downspouts should channel water away from the basement and foundation of your home. If they are not in good condition or are placed improperly, the home may have a higher risk of flooding or foundation damage. 

This is not usually a very costly fix, but if it’s left unaddressed, you may face thousands of dollars in repairs and water damage remediation.

Electrical issues

Electrical issues can range from minor – such as not having enough outlets – to more serious, such as faulty circuit breakers, uninsulated wires, and non-grounded power outlets. 

Many of these issues are minor and can easily be repaired by an electrician, but serious problems can cost thousands to fix. 

HVAC problems

Both furnaces and air conditioners see a lot of use due to the yearly temperature fluctuations in Minneapolis. The heating or cooling unit itself may be worn out, or the inspector may find issues like clogged ducts or bad airflow. 

Replacing a furnace or air conditioner is expensive, so it’s a good idea to catch these problems early.

Sewer line issues 

Most people in Minneapolis don’t have their sewer lines inspected regularly. 

If you don’t get a sewer scope inspection, you may end up with a clogged or damaged sewer line, which could cost you thousands to replace. 

It is a good idea to get a home inspection to make sure that your potential home doesn’t have these very common defects!!

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