Buyer’s Pre-Purchase Inspection

Performed during a real estate transaction’s “inspection period”, this inspection and accompanying report will allow you to make an educated purchasing decision. This visible inspection will alert you to damage, components that are past their typical life span, safety hazards, and any other significant deficiency of the home.

Seller’s Pre-Listing Inspection

Performed for the seller of a property before listing the home for sale. This inspection and accompanying inspection report will allow the seller to gain a better understanding of their home prior to it hitting the market. This gives the seller the ability to make repairs to discovered deficiencies themselves, avoiding repair demands and related negotiations from buyers when they have their own home inspection.

Warranty Inspection

This inspection is performed for homeowners whom have purchased a newly constructed home. Builders are required by the State of Minnesota to provide a “1-2-10 Warranty”. This Home Inspection and accompanying report will shed light on the visible conditions of the home and alert you to any deficiencies or defects that may be in need of repair by your builder. It is important that this inspection is completed within the time frames and terms of your Builder’s Warranty. Usually completed before you’ve owned the home for 1 year.

Radon Testing - MN Licensed

Long term exposure to Radon can lead to lung cancer. The Minnesota Department of Health recommends every home, even those built radon resistant, be tested for Radon. Our 48 hour Radon Test will be accompanied by a report that shows the average Radon concentration level in the home. This information can help you determine if Radon Mitigation is needed.  Effective January 1st, 2019, our Radon Measurement Professional is licensed in the state of Minnesota.  (License # RMEA-00070)

Special Tools

Thermal Imaging

The use of an infrared camera is included with my Home Inspections, when needed.  Thermal Imaging of the home can be helpful while looking for confirmation of moisture intrusion, insulation deficiencies, areas of energy loss and electrical “hot spots”.

Blue Eyes 30’

Sometimes getting up on a steep roof can be dangerous for an inspector and damaging to the roof covering.  Rain, snow, high winds and an uneven yard can make using a big ladder challenging and unsafe.  Blue Eyes 30′ is essentially a high tech camera on the end of a telescoping pole that allows us to see parts of the roof and chimney not easily visible from the ground or the eves.  When needed, the photos and videos taken are included in the inspection report free of charge.

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